Are you surprised your social media is not growing like you want? Struggling with being consistent or not sure how to leverage social media for your dream? That ends NOW!


Engagement is defined: an arrangement to meet or be present… 

Do me a favor! Pull out your mobile device and go to your favorite social media application. Access your friends’ list or followers. First, note the number. Second, note how many are in your close circle of friends. Third, note the ones you know by name and very little else. Finally, note the people you know by face and/or name but do not know anything else. Did you notice anything? If you have about 1200 friends/followers, your breakdown may look something like this: 10-20 (close circle), 100-300 (acquaintances), 880-1090 (“where do I know you from again”).

It is commonplace to have some social media accounts. Society integrates social media with every facet of our lives from food, shelter, religion, and communication. Forbes noted that social media is like “attending a party”. You put your best foot forward to gain popularity from the content you’re posting, get new connections and friends from across the globe, and for many, to find that “special someone”. Social media’s intent was to connect people around the world to one another inexpensively and quickly. As we make connections, are they genuine or are they just a long list of names and faces?

We need people in our everyday lives. People are vital to our existence. God made us to be dependent on others and dependable for others at the same time. We meet new people all the time and we leave it at just the meeting. Social media puts meeting new people at our fingertips. I am challenging you today to take a huge leap and make them family.

  • You value your time and want to use it wisely
  • You enjoy social media and want to leverage it
  • You enjoy making genuine connections
  • You are committed to having an open mind
  • You want to have fun


  • You value quick fixes over relationship
  • You’re looking for a get rich quick option
  • You do not want to put in the work
  • You think you know everything that is going to be presented
  • You do not have time to focus
What you’ll get

Daily Prompts
For 30 days…EVERY…… SINGLE…. DAY you will receive a unique visual prompt that will trigger your imagination. The prompt is designed to keep you motivated, consistent, and moving forward in your desire to grow.

Day After Follow-up Questions
How did you approach the prompt? What was your goal? Are a few questions that you might see the next day after completing a prompt. The goal here is to see your process, and the questions build as the challenge builds.

Peer Support/Community Access
Get Access to our exclusive Facebook group (for Life) or until you decide you do not want to be a part anymore. Share your thoughts on prompts, questions, and strategies with everyone. And get regular feedback. We are about “making them family” and “growing together”. The hope of this group is to be full of groundbreakers, innovators, dreamers, and life changers. (Sidenote: There will be giveaways)

4 Weekly Live Sessions
GET YOUR ZOOM ON! In preparation for each week, hop on an energetic, motivational 30-Minute call on ZOOM. Talk strategy, pow-wow about the previous week, and focus on topics that prep you for the new week’s prompts.

Tips and Tricks
Quality engagement is key to success for any and all brands. Everyone likes tricks and tips that have been tested and vetted for success. How about tips and tricks that are translatable outside of social media growth? Get your notepad, notes section, and/or EverNote ready for this section.

What Our Clients Say (Testimonials)

I enjoyed participating in the 30 Day Growth & Engagement Challenge. This Challenge helped me get out of my social media comfort zone. It also helped me learn how to navigate the social media space (specifically IG). Consistency is key, and this challenge makes it easy. ~ Kim

….He’s the real deal! ~Kelly McKenzie