WOW…I didn’t realize that I haven’t posted on the blog/vlog in forever. I have been in a “consistency” rut with everything. It is kind of crazy. How you can focus on building so many things at the same time and be a challenge across the board. It is not that I could not be more consistent, it is more so make sure to schedule things and sacrifice time in one way to do more now. It is one of the opportunity costs that I have been faced with and I am more and more believing in focusing on things that I desire to focus on vs the expected focus on things.

Things that I have learned in my recent thinking time ( I pray it encourages or inspires someone else):

  1. You can control what’s in your mind:  What thoughts you allow to take up residence is up to you, and let’s be honest you are going to get so many of them. Whether it is ideas to innovate, complaints, positive thoughts or negative thoughts, affirmations, arguments, and so much more that I could rattle off… We won’t drag that along. There is no unlimited space in our brains. So we have to decide what is important for growth and moving forward.
  2. Time is one of the most valuable assets we have: Once time is gone, we can’t get it back. When we offer our time to others there is a value that is associated with it. Why waste it, and devalue it?! We have been given a window of opportunity to work on the vision and purpose that God has given us, use your time wisely.
  3. Procrastinating with what God told you to do says that you don’t believe God has your best interest at heart! If you know what you are supposed to be doing and you don’t that is your choice but you take away from opportunities and delay blessings and tests that God has before to bring you out.  We have to trust God whole-heartedly and commit our work to Him every day to get what He wants for us.
  4. It is okay to swim upstream: It is not easy to go the opposite of everyone else. We have to stand out and stand up for what we believe. WE cannot forget Whose We are! Everyone will not like us(me), and that is okay.

There are so many things I have been thinking about lately, and I am going to start sharing more of them here as well.

So things you should start looking for:

  • more Blog/vlogs
  • consistent Free content on YouTube (which will be broken to smaller platforms)
  • podcast interviews
  • product reviews
  • travel stuff (I love traveling)
  • relaunching
  • Speaking engagement recaps

Hold on to your seats let’s get started

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